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through meaningful

ChatBuilder is a chatbot platform that generates and nurtures quality leads for your business.

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Improve your
Direct Sales

Upload a database and then allow ChatBuilder to automate the engagement with potential customers with very little effort. Observe and analyse dashboards and data to refine your sales approach.

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Great! Please select your car model below and we’ll recommend the best tyres for your car.

your leads

ChatBuilder can help you to re-engage a lapsed or stagnant database. Nurture your potential customers through email, SMS or chat.

Get real-time
feedback from
your customers

Use ChatBuilder surveys and
questionnaires to reach out for real time consumer data and insight delivered with ease. Results are made available in real time allowing you to take fast decisions on any aspect of your business decision

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Easily send customers information; maps and locations, sales kits, pricing and application documents.

and diarise

Allow your potential customers to easily set up appointments e.g with a Doctor or Lawyer, scheduling the appointment in both theirs and the professionals diary with ease.

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Optimise your
Customer Service

As calls enter your call centre, use voice to pre-qualify the type of enquiry and direct to either customer service agents or deliver an automated chatbot response.